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How many treatments are required at the laser hair removal clinic?

The number of laser hair removal treatments required varies, depending on the density and location of the hair growth. Approximately 30% of body hair is in a growing phase at anyone time. The remainder is dormant and therefore unable to absorb light. laser will remove about 75% of the growing hair at each treatment. Most people need between 5 to 8 treatments for a satisfactory result.

How long is a hair removal treatment?

The laser covers an area of skin up to 10cm2 per pulse. This allows treatment time to be reduced considerably in comparison to other IPL and laser treatments available. A large area, such as the legs, can be treated in under an hour.

How does it feel?

The majority of people experience minimal discomfort, feeling no more than a slight tingling sensation.

Is laser hair removal treatment safe?

Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others and may redden or swell slightly. This should return to normal after a few hours, but in extreme cases slight blistering may occur, this normally heals within a few days. A temporary increase or decrease in skin colour may also occur, but this is rare and disappears after a few months

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