Privacy Policy:

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.



If we need to change your appointment, we have the right to do so giving you 48 hours in advance. We expect the same from you. In unexpected situation beyond our control, we have the right to change or cancel your appointment by letting you know asap. We will hold on to your non-refundable booking fee and re-schedule your appointment accordingly if this is the case.


If you wish to change your appointment time, you must do so by giving 48 hours notice. Text messages, and voicemail are unacceptable. You must either email us or speak to an operator. You can only book one appointment at a time. Your bookings will be cancelled if you book multiple appointments. Our system will keep your next appointment only. You must try to arrive on time, on some occasions we may refuse appointments arriving 10 minutes later than their scheduled time. You must inform us if you are running late so we can offer arrangements for you without causing further delays. Missed appointments and failure to give 48 hour notice for cancellation of appointment will incurr a £20 Fee. Also more than 10 mintues late for your appointment will have to rebook their appointment and again pay a £20 fee.



When you place an order on www.teethwhitening Portsmouth you enter a booking with teeth whitening Portsmouth.  Each individual clinic is responsible for the customers, treatments, liabilities and services after the booking. Your order on this website constitutes an offer to us to purchase the booking fee in your basket, and we will do our utmost to fulfill this order to the service levels you have every right to expect. To meet our service commitment to you, we will store your order and necessary personal details, obtain authorisation from your bank for the payment, and make certain security checks on your identity and address. This section details these actions and our respective rights and obligations.



All payments are made through a secure gateway. We do not store your credit/debit card details. If, for any reason, there is a problem with collecting payment from your credit /payment card after we have confirmed receipt of your order, we will not be obliged to offer you a booking. Additionally, on some occasions, we may be unable to process an order. The reasons for this may be due to: The offer is no longer available; or you’re payment has being declined; or an unspecified technical error. If you are sure you are using a valid card, please try again with the same credit/debit card or please place another order on our website, using a different credit/debit card. Booking fees are valid for 30 days and are non refundable once payment is made. You have the choice to call within 30 days and make a booking reservation at a time of your choice not exceeding 60 days from the date you paid the booking fee. Choices of time cannot always be guaranteed depending on availability. A

non-refundable booking fee is taken at time of booking (can be up to 50% of total price); this will be taken off the total price on the day of your appointment. Be sure that you want brighter teeth before you commit to make a booking. If you have any concerns, you may contact us for any questions prior to making your booking fee.



We have spaces available weekly. To secure an appointment at the time of your choice, please check our online booking system for availability or give your clinic a call. Group discounts are only available if you book together at the same time, or if 1 person pays in full for the other person, who wish's to come at a later stage.


From time to time we may run special offers at our promotional centres and clinics. To guarantee the offer price, you must book before certain end dates which can be found on the home page of this website. Promotional centres, offices and clinics can be found on the location page; where prices, treatments, concept and facilities may vary.



If you have a voucher, you will lose out a session / treatments if you are late, refused treatments or do not turn up for your appointment. Bookings can be made online by following the steps on your voucher, If you have any difficulties on booking online please call the clinic direct.

All your agreed treatment / sessions must be completed according to expiry date. If you have treatment/sessions after the expiry date for any reasons please contact your clinic to discuss if we can be of any help.If you have any difficulties on booking online please call the clinic direct.



Booking fee are non refundable and non transferable, for ANY reason that we refuse to carry out your treatment e.g you suffer from epilepsy and are allergic to light, a booking fee of £25 will be charged if the treatment has not started. For teeth whitening we must investigate your before and after shade before we can continue to the next stage. We cannot offer any refund if you do not follow our policy’s terms. We cannot refund on any vouchers bought,  


Products and service:

We strive to offer the best service possible using a product that works; we give a 100% money back guarantee on our teeth whitening services. At certain branches, If your appointment is on a weekend or out of office hours, please wait in the seating area to be served as reception staff may not be available outside of normal working hours. If you have a complaint, you must write to us via email to the email address provided on the location/contact page of this website. In certain circumstances our hair removal may not be permenant and may require further treatments.


Child care:

We may refuse your treatment if you do not have an adult looking after your children. Due to health and safety, children are not allowed to enter treatment rooms or to be left alone in the waiting area. Our staff have no responsibilities for your children.


Security checks:

As part of our policy to protect against the fraudulent use of credit cards, we conduct security checks on all our orders. These can take various forms and may involve contacting you by telephone before we process your order. We also retain the service of various credit rating and fraud prevention companies, and we may share details of your order with them for the sole purpose of detecting and preventing fraudulent use of your payment cards.

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