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The LED Teeth Whitening procedure


 Prior to carrying out the procedure you would have a consultation with us to make sure that you are suitable for teeth whitening and to explain possible risks and side effects of the procedure.


Before the teeth whitening process is started we will thoroughly clean the teeth.


The next step will be for us to make a record of the shade/colour of the teeth before the procedure.  This is either recorded using a tooth coloured shade guide/chart or by taking a digital photograph of your teeth.


The area is then prepared for the procedure.  The whitening compound usually contains a high concentration of whitening gel and so we will usually place some form of protection around the gums so that only these teeth are exposed to the compound.  This involves covering the gums with rolls of cotton and a protective gel material that hardens once applied to the gums.  A cheek retractor is used to keep the lips and cheeks away from the teeth.


It is very important that we isolate your gums and lips with a protective material in order to avoid potential damage or burning.  


Eye protection (goggles) is also provided to prevent any damage to the eyes from the LED light.  


The whitening gel is then applied to the surface of the teeth and exposed to a light, which activates it.


During this process if you feel that your lips or gums start to burn then you should let us know immediately.  After approximately 15 minutes the gel is removed and the process repeated another 2 times.   During the procedure some people may feel sensitivity in their teeth, which are described as short – lived shooting pains.


We will then finally wash off the whitening gel and remove any gum protection before evaluating the final result by taking a photograph or using a shade chart.  The results are usually quite dramatic and can often be up to 10 shades lighter.


We also offer a home whitening pen as part of our aftercare treatment along with a diet sheet and a de – sensitizing gel (to be applied as and when your teeth feel sensitive).


Many patients’ teeth are quite sensitive immediately following this procedure and it is advised to try and stay away form hot or cold drinks for a while.  


Once your treatment is complete we will remove the gel and a shade guide will then be used to measure how much whiter your teeth have become during the procedure.  The results are instant and can be up to 10 shades lighter.

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