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How IPL Works


How does laser hair removal work?

The laser hair removal treatment produces a light created by the laser, which is then absorbed by melanin in the hair shaft and follicle. This absorbed light turns into heat and causes a controlled rise in temperature. This rise in temperature is sufficient to damage the hair follicle and prevent re-growth, without damaging the surrounding skin.


What is involved in the laser hair removal treatment?

When you visit the laser hair removal clinic for your initial consultation, we will discuss how the laser hair removal treatment works and assess what is suitable for you. A test patch will then be carried out to determine the effect. Light is then pulsed over the area and you may notice a series of short light flashes as it passes over. You will see some of the hair curl up as the heat effect takes place.


What type of hair colour is safe for laser hair removal?

In general, the darker the hair, the more effective the treatment. However, blond hair often responds well to treatment even when an early prognosis was optimistic.


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